Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Falcons fan says goobye

Not everybody leaves Fresno running as they flip us the bird, some people are sad to go. Like long time Fresno Falcons fan, Jami.

Jami proves her Falcons love in a recent farewell to Fresno blog post:
"Fresno Falcon Hockey was my life...the sounds the smell and the friends."

At least Jami can still listen to the Falcons, wherever she goes - getting the smells is gonna be tough though...probably a good thing.

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Falcon players will get laid with more parking

The Falcons moving back to Selland (in 2008) is a good thing - as long as Selland updates the scoreboard and the concourse. The Ice Rink Apartments are a good thing too!

But taking away parking, while adding more people needing to park, is stupid.

The parking garage is great UNTIL THERE'S AN ACTUAL EVENT DOWN THERE! It takes a good thirty minutes or more to get out of there after an event. And that's with the lot (that would be gone) still there.

Imagine if you're a member of the Falcons, living in your new kickass Selland Arena "parking lot pad" [and you're parked in the garage] and you've got to pick up a hot date right at the time an Alice in Chains concert lets out - you're late to that date my friend and your chances of getting laid that night are diminished - and hockey players like getting laid!