Friday, August 15, 2008

A little bit of Chicago in Fresno

After going last year without a NHL affiliate, the Fresno Falcons have just hooked up with the Chicago Blackhawks to be the Blackhawks ECHL affiliate.

In previous seasons, the Falcons were linked up with the San Jose Sharks. This produced little in the way of future Sharks playing for the Falcons. Except for former Falcon, Nolan Schaefer. Nolan is now a (sometimes) NHL goalie that tended for the Sharks and currently the Minnesota Wild.

I hope Chicago treats Fresno better than San Jose did. The Sharks seemed to forget they had the Falcons as an affiliate. Even if the Blackhawks do forget about the Falcons, I still can't wait to see the Falcons back at Selland. Too bad the Legacy Project is falling apart.