Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Fresno Falcons Are Done

Fresno Falcons LogoUPDATE: The Fresno Falcons are officially closed for business. Pro hockey in Fresno is no more. You could say it's the economy but I'm not buying that. Other valley cities (Bakersfield and Stockton) are at the top of the ECHL in attendance and are doing well. So this just comes down to bad management and apathetic Fresnans. I love the Falcons and will miss them terribly and I can understand why my fellow Fresnans couldn't at least match up to Stockton and Bakersfield.

I Also feel bad for the Falcon players and coaching staff. Head Coach Matt Thomas has worked his ass off for this franchise and Fresno has been lucky to have him here. This just plain sucks. Fresno = Fail!

(This is probably the last post on this blog, please check from now on. Thanks.)

ORIGINAL POST: It was a bit of a rough weekend for Fresno sports. Coach Hill's Bulldogs lost another game they shouldn't have, and word is, due to money problems with the Falcons owners, Fresno's ECHL franchise is close to folding. The ECHL needs to know what the Falcons are doing and if the city doesn't step in and help, what the Falcons may be doing is not playing hockey.

This can't really be happening, can it? Was it actually a bad call for the Falcons to move back to Selland or does that have little to do with it? Are we ready for 60 years of Falcon hockey to be done?

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